Bankruptcy Disputes

Commercial Bankruptcy Representation

Our firm represents creditors during bankruptcy proceedings to
protect their rights and help with enforcement of liens.

Creditor Rights

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, a creditor has options for mitigating and minimizing the loss. The more money that's on the line, the more valuable it may be to seek a bankruptcy attorney experienced in creditors' rights.

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Adversary Proceedings

The trustee, creditor, or debtor may file an adversary proceeding for a number of reasons.

The defendant in an Adversary Proceeding has a limited amount of time to respond to the allegations in the complaint. If the deadline is missed, the bankruptcy court will enter a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

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Enforcement of Lien Rights

When a commercial property or construction projects goes belly up, the owners may file for bankruptcy to seek relief from the variety of contractors and vendors to whom they owe money.

On a commercial property, Florida lien law allows anyone that works on a property or provides materials to enforce their lien rights. A commercial bankruptcy attorney can help.

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