Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Commercial Real Estate Disputes

A business attorney can help with a variety of Commercial Real Estate disputes,
including matters stemming from Lease Agreements, contractors,
and issues with the bank.

Lease Agreement Disputes

When commercial tenants and their landlords don't see eye-to-eye, a business attorney may get involved, representing either the tenant or the landlord.

Usually, one party accuses the other of not living up to the terms of the commercial lease agreement. Common issues include: maintenance of the property, making changes to the rental unit, and payment of rent.

Contractor Disputes

When a contractor is hired to make improvements to a commercial property, he or she often hires third-party vendors to complete the project. Often, legal disputes arise due to the quality of such vendors' work, or the timeframes involved in the completion of the project. Such issues include:

  • Late completion of project,
  • Approved versus unapproved additions or repairs,
  • Loss of business income due to contractor delays.
Banking Issues

Bank-owned Property: Often, a business attorney is called upon to analyze a commercial lease agreement, or to help negotiate terms, especially regarding bank-owned properties.

Foreclosure: When commercial property owners are behind on their commercial mortgages, banks may seek to foreclose. Commercial foreclosures can involve the bank eventually owning the foreclosed-upon business.

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