Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate as an Investment

"Whether you're buying, selling, or developing real estate, our law firm can minimize your exposure
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- Jennifer Morando, Esq.

Commercial Real Estate Legal Representation

Our law firm advises and represents investors, buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers, developers, commercial landlords and lessees in real estate transactions in the Orlando and Central Florida area.

Real Estate Acquisition

Several types of commercial real estate properties are often acquired as investments:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Land
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential Apartment buildings

"Mixed use" buildings are also key commercial real estate investments. They refer to commercial properties where residential units, retail spaces and offices may all exist within one property.

In Florida, each type of property has its own set of laws which are typically addressed in the Purchase Agreement.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

A business attorney is often called upon to help with the legal ins and outs of a commercial real estate sale, and may get involved with:

Seller and Buyer Meetings: A lawyer can help facilitate a meeting between buyer and seller, making sure his or her client's interests are legally looked out for right from the start.

Drafting Confidentiality Agreements: Often, commercial real estate deals are kept confidential before they conclude - and just as often - afterwards as well.

Analyzing offers: An attorney may help evaluate commercial real estate offers for fairness, equitability, and legal precision, including any promissory notes, loan agreements, and any type of commercial finance matter relating to the deal.

Negotiations with Bankers: A lawyer may get involved in his or her client's negotiations with the bank for commercial real estate financing.

Profitable Real Estate Development

Profitable real estate development can often boil down to the fine details in the following areas, all of which are the purview of a commercial real estate lawyer:

Financing: handling the legal aspects of a commercial real estate development project's banking and finance needs.

Leasing: handling the contracts and negotiations for commercial leases.

Construction: putting construction contracts in effect during commercial property expansions and developments.

Investors typically consult with a commercial real estate attorney for each stage of development above.

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